Neuerungen in der Test&Target Version 3.2

27 Jan

Am nächsten Donnerstag, den 31.1.2013 wird (voraussichtlich) ein Maintenance Release von Test&Target freigeschaltet. Die Kunden müssen nichts tun um die neuen Features nutzen zu können, einfach einloggen wie gewohnt reicht.

Hier die Neuerungen im englischen Orginal-Wortlaut, die Admins eines Test&Target Account sollten eine Email mit dem gleichen Inhalt bekommen haben.

Wenn noch Fragen offen sind, wendet Euch bitte an Euren Adobe Account Manager. Wenn Ihr nicht wisst, wer Euer Account Manager ist, fragt jemand anderen aus dem Adobe Marketing Cloud Team, zur Not auch mich. ;-)

Dear Adobe Test&Target Administrator,

We are pleased to announce that the Test&Target 3.2 upgrade will be releasing next Thursday, January 31, 2013.  The upgrade will begin at 8:00 pm PDT and will take approximately 4 hours. The Test&Target admin interface will be unavailable, and customers may see default content while the software is being upgraded.

As a reminder, the upgrade will include the following new features and improvements:

All SiteCatalyst report suites now receive Test&Target report data
With no configuration required, all report suites in SiteCatalyst now receive all Test&Target report data when the Test&Target->SiteCatalyst integration has been set up.  Previously, this integration only worked for one report suite.

Mobile and Tablet identification
New general “isTablet” and “isMobilePhone”  targets are now available.  This makes it simple to exclude or include all mobile or tablet users from a campaign.

New campaign membership identification attributes
You can now easily tell if a user is included in other campaigns by choosing “Visitor: in other tests” or “Visitor: Not in other tests” when setting up campaigns.

Monitoring service identification
2 new options, “Browser: Monitoring Service” and “Browser: not monitoring service” are two new options to easily exclude monitoring services like Gomez from entering campaigns.

New built-in visitor session behavior tracking:
Several new visitor behavior data points are now tracked automatically and easy to access via new profile attributes and targets.  These include:

-First page of session: is this the visitor’s first page view in their session?

-Days since last visit: how many days have elapsed since this visitor’s last session?

-Average days between visits: what is the average number of days between this user’s sessions

-session count: how many sessions has this visitor spent on the site?

Enhancements to APIs

                Campaign List API

-New fields for start/end date, status, 3rd party campaign ID, and labels

Campaign Create/Update API

                                -campaigns can be updated using “campaignID”

Offer Create API and Offer Get API

                                -Offer ID is returned by the API

CampaignState API

                                -Deleting campaigns is now allowed

Release notes will be available soon in online help.  Please contact your Adobe Test&Target Account Manager with any questions.

Thank you,

Adobe Test&Target Support Team

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